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Inventory Management

Control your entire inventory, sell tickets, retract sales easily... All in one.

Supportive Applications

From mobile tickets to bulk PDF ticket downloads... Perks!

Data-Driven Innovation

Smart applications to predict ticket prices, end-user behaviours... Learning from data!


Entire Inventory

Collect your entire inventory from all accounts on various points of sale. Do you have hundreds of accounts? No problem.

Channel Specific Sales

Transfer your sold seats to right customers in time with PoS specific way.

Real Time Sync

Did you transfer seats manually or via another application? No problem it will be recognized and the system will sync data from your PoS.

Transaction Logs

All transactions will be recorded even the ones not done on our systems.


Do you need customized solutions? So use our API to integrate our power on your applications.

Moving from another system

We will handle your moving to our system. Don't hesitate to contact us.

End-User Management

You can easily sync your customers on our systems, see their usages, contact informations, reminding notes.

Insightful Reports

Complete report solution about your inventory, usage, and end-user.


Complete alerting reminders. Upcoming events, failed transfer attempts and etc.

Contact us

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